Emotion and a Balanced Life

The Light of Emotion is an ever-changing essence within us. Emotions may sometimes rule us and, when combined with words, become things. When we speak positive words, we set the intention of having a balanced day. We manifest into our world, the things we think about and speak of, the most. And this, dear reader, is a choice.

Choose to be reminded that it is ok to be happy.

We are born with a clean slate, a Tabula Rasa. As we grow, we are fed information about the world from our parents, our siblings, our extended families, and society. Our parent’s beliefs become our beliefs, just as our grandparent’s beliefs became our parent’s beliefs. That is unless a generation decides to question that belief.

As the world becomes smaller through technology and the simplicity of global communication, it becomes clear, we do have a choice. We always have.

We may choose to believe in something entirely different from our parents through something whispered through the ages by those unknown to us, simply because it gels with us. When a way of life feels right, the word spreads throughout the world and impacts the hearts of those ready to hear.

History has told it so, and our freedom to choose sets our emotions about it. Believe in the Magic.

Believe there is magic, and there will be magic.

We all have the freedom to choose how we feel. Our heart knows at times what the mind cannot conceive, and vice-versa. Think about this for a moment.

Choices are made every day in our heart/mind relationship with ourselves, and those who share our life.

Relationships are a wonderful way to share our love and life. When a relationship works, it is balanced in heart, mind, and soul. When it ends, however, the balance is thrown out of whack and the mind erupts, leaving the heart broken and confused about how to be.

Why does the heart cry, but the mind becomes angry? Why the conflict of emotions? It begs the question. Is choice a mind-made thing only, or is the heart the controller of choice?

When all is said and done, ‘choice’ is a balanced thing that involves the heart, mind, and soul. When it ‘feels’ right, it feels glorious because our being is in harmony. When the mind rules the heart, however, or vice versa, is when ‘choice’ seems impossible.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I have no choice, I have to leave!’

Too many times I have experienced and watched as others experience the turmoil the mind creates when it takes over. We are a human… being. It is the being part of us that needs to be in balance.

Heart, mind, and soul.

A home may be made up of a variety of individuals, so balance is needed for harmony. When a home is not functioning, it breaks and is without harmony. Likewise, each individual requires a balance of heart, mind, and soul. The heart is the body, for the body lives not without it, yet the mind and the soul form part of it. When a heart breaks, the mind and soul are not in balance with it.

As with the home and the body, in the realms of a relationship, balance is required.

Let us look at a relationship that is of two people who, from across the room, reach out to each other, leaving no one else visible to them in the crowded room. They only have eyes for each other.

When they finally walk across the room to meet, they are at first lost for words. But their eyes say it all. Moments tick by, and just being in each other’s company, is all that is needed to kindle the relationship. Remember the movie, Shallow Hal? The initial feelings of lust are exactly that.

Let love in.

Months later, love has replaced lust, and since they cannot stand to be apart any longer, the couple decides to take the relationship a step further and move in together. Eventually, they learn more about each other and their likes and dislikes. The initial feeling of absolute must be near and cannot live without begins to fade, and apparent reality creeps in. Little by little the wonderful romantic feeling that occurred from across the room is replaced with thoughts of he should be this and she should be that.

An idea springs to ‘mind’, who by now has had enough of the heart ruling, and it shouts out strong and clear… hey! my feelings ought to count… right? I’ve had enough of their not thinking about me and my wants and desires. I really don’t like the way they leave the dirty dishes in the sink, or how they never make the bed we both share. I’m always cleaning, and they do nothing. It’s not fair!

The mind has decided the heart can no longer rule and disagreements about how the two once very in love couple should share the household chores, erupt. Things will not get done on their own after all. The accusations begin and the arguments wreak havoc.

Where the heart, mind, and soul were once balanced, daily reality has crept in and caused the mind to think about how it must not only survive in the world outside the home but now with the ‘enemy’ within. The partner has become the enemy unless they do and be what I need them to do and be.

Life has changed and ‘mind’ made it so.

Well, as Neale Donald Walsch wrote… When Everything Changes, Change Everything.

Change your mind, and you change your world.

Firstly, observe yourself and note what ticks you off. Keep this real. Is it really a drama if something wasn’t done the way you like it, or is it that you think the other person just doesn’t give a hoot that you like it done a certain way? Which thought ticks you off the most?

If it is the latter, consider that you may also be doing something that ticks that person off too. In this instance, it is just as easy to let it go, and either straighten it out yourself or live with it. An example might be that you might like to see the label on a jar in the fridge facing forward so that you might see its contents at a glance, but your partner gives no thought to it. If you prefer to straighten it yourself, that’s up to you, and chances are your partner will note this eventually. If not, then you will continue to straighten the thing you dislike.

You can train your mind to remain balanced in all things when you have no-thought about a thing. That is to say, when you see no-thing as good or bad, just what is. You might of course, in fixing the thing that ticks you off, remark in conversation as your partner is listening to you, that this particular thing actually ticks you off, yet make no big thing of it.

If you were to scream and shout that it ticks you off, then all your partner will hear is… blah blah blah! Like teaching a child to walk and talk, repetitive examples are required. You know yourself that to change a habit, you must repeat the thing often until it becomes an automatic thing to do. Screaming and shouting will get you nowhere.

Now, imagine that you have come home from a hard day at the ‘office’ to find dishes in the sink and a bed unmade, all while your partner sits by and nods hello with a quick look up from their phone only to ask you how your day was, before going back to the interesting thing on their phone. This might tick you off at first, and with a scornful look, you say… a little harsher than you’d like… it was a shitty day!

The balanced you, however, might just take a moment, and instead of lashing out with a few expletives of what in the world your partner has been doing all day, respond with… ‘it was ok’, and with a smile, because your heart, mind, and soul are working together to allow a non-judgmental you to be in control, you take a seat next to your partner and just be there.

You make no mention of the shitty day you’ve had because you’ve left that at the office, to come home to your harmonious life.

Naturally, I hear you say, a relationship is a partnership, and a partnership must have both people working together for a common cause. To live in harmony.

You both have a choice.

If life without this person is unbearable to both heart and mind, then find a good balance by talking it through and don’t sweat the small things.

If you decide the only way to balance your heart, mind, and soul is to end the relationship, then do so because it is the right thing to do, and not through an argument about who was right and who was wrong. The heart cannot handle this and will prove it to you with unhappiness in it.

Constant disagreements, demands of what should be done, and unhappiness within the home are a home out of balance. If you work outside the home, try always to leave the work hat at the door, and enter with a fresh heart and mind. No matter what has happened through the day, your home is your sanctuary where outside troubles melt away.

If you work in the home, refocus your energy at the time your partner arrives home to greet them in a way that is balanced and nurturing. Allow them some time to adjust from the outside world to being in a home full of love and harmony. Fill your home with delightful scents and pleasing-to-the-eye home décor wherever possible. It helps, trust me.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel good within your HOME

Life is what you make it. This has been said for an eternity. How true it is though that what you send out to the world, comes back to you tenfold. It is an easy thing to send to another person, thoughts of love, and happiness for a balanced day.

Balanced heart, mind, and soul.

Be the silent teacher if you must be for a while, for when the student is ready, the teacher (in you) will appear (to them) and vice-versa. You and /or your partner may be drawn to read a certain book, hear a song, or watch a movie when you/they are ready to read, hear or see it. When you pay extra attention to the message it sends, this is the universe, God, or whatever you believe in telling you personally how to balance or re-balance your life.

Stay balanced, stay focused, and be in harmony with what life has to offer.

The Light of Emotions is ever-changing within, so find the balance needed to live in harmony with it.


Whispered by the Butterflies of wisdom.



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